Services for Teens/Young Adults

AT-RISK YOUTH PROGRAMS are designed to guide WIA eligible out-of-school youth in identifying and pursuing a realistic career path.  Program elements include vocational evaluation, GED instruction, job skills training, and leadership development. Call (251) 300-6170 for more information.

HIGH SCHOOL TRANSITIONAL YOUTH PROGRAM Special Education students from area high schools are referred for job training with our Retail Stores.  Program managers provide instruction on basic job readiness and soft skills instruction and hands-on work experience is provided in our retail stores.   Through the College Prep program, high school students with disabilities receive vocational evaluation services, counseling and instruction in an effort to assist them in their transition from High School to post-secondary education. Call (251) 300-7153 for more information.

IMG_6776YOUNG ADULT DAY PROGRAM Kaleidoscope is a program of Goodwill Easterseals for younger adults who have recently transitioned out of high school and other non-senior adults who desire to remain active and engaged in structured daytime learning and recreational activities.  Our goal is to help adults with developmental and/or other disabilities to enhance skills and characteristics important to personal growth, happiness and self-sufficiency through meaningful and challenging group activities. Call (251) 375-2177 for more information.

CAMPING Goodwill Easterseals coordinates a week-long camping experience for children and adults with disabilities at Easterseals Camp ASCCA, a totally-accessible facility.  The Mobile Rotary Children’s Foundation provides financial sponsorship for the tuition costs for 100 campers to attend each summer.  A smaller group of youth with disabilities from the Florida Panhandle are sponsored by Publix.  Week-end camps coordinated by GES are provided for children with Autism and their families and Post-Polio survivors and caregivers. Call Chara Brown at (251) 300-6093 for more information.

RECREATION Goodwill Easterseals provides young people with disabilities with recreational outlets to improve physical fitness, social skills, and connections with their community.  One outlet is a special needs cheer squad which performs for exhibitions and competitions at venues along the Gulf Coast.  Other recreational opportunities include dances, movie nights, and local family outings. Call (251) 380-7169 for more information.