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Location will House Retail Store, Donation and Community Center

March 9, 2015 – Goodwill Easter Seals announces the grand opening of its new facility on Azalea Road. The 33,000 square foot renovated facility, located at 300 Azalea Road (on the south end of Azalea Plaza), will house a donation center, retail store and community center. The Ribbon Cutting for the new location will be on Friday, March 20 at 8:30 am and everyone is invited to attend, tour the new facility, and shop. The location will include an expanded retail space and a covered, easier to access drive-thru donation door. All customers will have the opportunity to register to win an iPad during the first open weekend.

“In addition to the new location will allow us to have multiple, larger adult education classrooms, a computer lab for job search activities, an activity room for our youth mentoring program, and meeting space for community partner agencies,” said Frank Harkins, President & CEO. 

Goodwill Easter Seals’ mission is to provide services to individuals and families in need of children’s services, education and employment services including job training and career services to people with disabilities, those who lack education or work experience and others who face challenges to finding employment. Goodwill Easter Seals aims not only to help people earn jobs, but also to encourage them to take advantage of the services available to improve their financial stability and better care for their families.

Goodwill Easter Seals is a United Way Partner Agency, operates 13 retail stores, 12 stand-alone donation centers, 10 community centers, two child development centers, and one recycling center along the Gulf Coast in Alabama and Florida, spending 91 cents of every dollar on services to individuals and families in a 12 county area. To learn more about Goodwill Easter Seals’ mission services, visit www.gesgc.org.

Goodwill Easter Seals is excited for this new facility to better serve our community and provide services for people with disabilities and their families.


Happy Valentine's Day from Levofloxacin (Antibiotics) Levofloxacino Tabletas Nombres Comerciales - gesgc.org!

2014 Annual Report now online

Click the image to view our 2014 Annual Report:

Annual Celebration Testimonials

If you have donated one bag of clothing, bought one item in our stores, spent one hour tutoring, or read one book to toddlers in our day care - THANK YOU. You have helped us to make a person's life brighter, a future more secure, families more confident. You have helped us strengthen individuals, families, and communities, one child, one parent, one person at a time. 

In their own words, three very special people whose lives have been touched by the generosity of donors, shoppers, and supporters of Goodwill Easter Seals tell their stories at our Annual Celebration on January 28th.

Eddie Neal went back and got his GED at age 66, at a time when most people his age are retiring. He is now enrolling in Bishop State.

Suzette Saucier was sent home with her two week old baby and no expectation for survival. That same baby, Nevaeh, just turned a year old.

Joey Nolan has a busy schedule as a Spring Hill College student, but he not only fulfills a service requirement by volunteering in our Kaleidoscope Adult Day Program, he has found that it is fulfilling just to spend time with them.

They are proof that focusing on the positive, potential and abilities that we are all capable of, despite often tremendous challenges, CAN and DOES change lives.


Brand New Mobile County Recycling Center NOW OPEN!

Located at 7450 Hitt Road! Check out the new website, www.mobilerecycles.com to learn more or follow this link to watch our interview on Fox 10 about the facility. Come see us, take a tour of the facility, and bring your recyclables! DON'T BE A BIGFOOT... bring your recyclables and REDUCE YOUR FOOTPRINT!


2014 Christmas on the Coast Ornaments NOW AVAILABLE!

We have three available this year: Conde Charlotte House Museum (Mobile), Joe Patti's Seafood (Pensacola), and the Flora-Bama's 50th Anniversary, all available for $12.00 each. The proceeds support our mission of changing the lives of over 11,000 people annually along the Gulf Coast with disabilities and other barriers to success! Click here to order online and view a list of vendors. Check out Fox 10's coverage of the ornaments by clicking here!


Goodwill Easter Seals opened our brand new Retail Store, Donation Center, and Community Center on October 2nd in Spanish Fort!

Check out Fox 10's coverage of the event by clicking here!

Come shopping with us or make a donation and register to win a free iPad through Sunday, October5th. Thank you for supporting our mission. Your donations change lives!


Goodwill Easter Seals (GES) is a non-profit, United Way partner agency serving 12 counties in the Alabama-Florida Gulf Coast area. The agency provides programs and services to help individuals and families overcome challenges due to disabilities or other barriers that impact economic well-being, self sufficiency and quality of life.

Goodwill Easter Seals assisted 11,208 people of all backgrounds and abilities in our territory last year.Our goal is to serve:

  • People with Disabilities and their Caregivers
  • Undereducated Adults
  • Unemployed Adults
  • At-Risk Youth
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Veterans/Military

When you shop at Goodwill Easter Seals, you support job training and placement programs: Adult education/GED programs, children and family support services. Your donations help us reach out to and better serve our community. We invite you to view our 2013 Annual Report







Donate Your Vehicle Today!


Levofloxacin (Antibiotics) Levofloxacino Tabletas Nombres Comerciales - gesgc.org
2448 Gordon Smith Drive, Mobile, Alabama 36617
Phone: 251-471-1581; Fax: 251-476-4303

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